Dry Media Blasting

At Strip Tech, we utilize Plastic Media Blasting to safely remove paint from automotive sheet metal. Plastic Media is generally softer than the substrate to which the process is being applied – in this case the thin sheet metal used to form a car’s exterior. Plastic Media Blasting is a high-volume, low-pressure variation on traditional dry media blasting.


Automotive sheet metal rates a “5.0” on a hardness scale of 1 to 10. Plastic Media is a “3.5,” so it is softer than the sheet metal and is therefore safe to use. Sand, on the other hand, rates about “6.5” in hardness. In addition, sand – like most traditional blasting abrasives – is angular in shape. Hard, angular blasting media is effective for blasting bridge beams, ship hulls, and other structural steel. But if applied to sheet metal, hard/angular media generates excessive heat, which will often warp the surface.


But cars are just the beginning… Always eager to meet the needs of our customers, we’ve taken on an ever-growing list of projects during our two plus decades in business. From weathered lawn furniture to old tractors to antique heirlooms, we’ve successfully stripped an impressive variety of projects. In fact, over the years we’ve stripped just about every type of surface imaginable. A small sampling of our work includes:

  • Antique Automobiles - Hot Rods, Street Rods, and Restorations
  • Alloy and Steel Wheels
  • Lawn Furniture – Chairs, Tables and Gliders
  • Trailers of Many Kinds
  • Antique Iron Bed Frames, Milk Jugs, and Step Stools
  • Airplane and Helicopter Parts
  • Tractors and Farm Equipment
  • Art Sculptures
  • Firearms and Components – Steel and Alloy
  • Motorcycle and Bicycle Frames and Accessories


At Strip Technologies, we are Restoration Enthusiasts! No project is too small – our fair pricing, fast turn-around, and the quality of our work bring us friends and repeat customers.


So whatever the size, shape or condition of your current project, please ask us about it. Chances are we can strip it safely and completely – and to your total satisfaction.


Strip Technologies of America – Taking it Off Since 1992!

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