Welcome to Strip Technologies –Your Coating Removal and Surface Preparation Specialists

At Strip Technologies, our primary goal is to make your restoration project easier and more satisfying. From automobiles to antique heirlooms, we can completely strip and prep nearly any iron, steel or fiberglass project you have. And, we can apply a new coat of primer or paint to your freshly stripped piece for total convenience and efficiency.


Compared to conventional sandblasting, soda blasting, chemical paint strippers, vapor/dustless blasting, and sandpaper – our process:

  • Is competitively priced
  • Saves you time and labor
  • Is safer on hard-to-replace sheet metal and fiberglass surfaces
  • Provides a better foundation for new paint and powder coating


We don't just do cars - ask us if we can strip it, and chances are we can. From antique farm machinery to modern castings, and from flaky rust to multiple layers of paint, we can strip it right.


Strip Technologies of America – Taking it Off Since 1992!

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